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In compliance with the provisions set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation applicable in the European Union, the signer of this consent authorizes DIVISAN S.A to process his/her Personal Data, and grants this authorization in an explicit, free, unequivocal and informed manner.

Likewise, the signer of this consent has been informed about the following matters:

DATA CONTROLLER. The Data Controller shall be DIVISAN S.A, with registered office in Calle León, 55 28947 Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

e-mail:  info@divisan.com

PURPOSE. Data will be used for the following purposes:

– To manage the request of specific information

– To keep you informed about the activity of DIVISAN , S.A (to send you communications related to our products, services, events, news, and activities, including by electronic means, if you tick the acceptance checkbox).

RETENTION PERIOD. All Personal Data provided shall be retained for a retention period of five years from the last confirmation of your interest, except the data subject requests their deletion at an earlier time.

Once your information request has been processed via our form or it has been answered by e-mail, provided that a new processing has not been generated, Personal Data provided will be retained from that moment and during the periods provided by law in compliance with the legal obligations and for handling and managing the eventual liabilities raised from said processing.

In case of accepting the reception of marketing communications (to keep you informed about our activities), the Data will be retained for as long as it is necessary for the performance of the requested services, until the user requests the deletion of the Data. Once our relationship is terminated, the Data will be kept for the periods provided by Law in compliance with the legal obligations and for handling and managing the eventual liabilities raised from said processing.

LEGAL GROUNDS. The legal grounds for the Data processing are based on the consent provided by you as a user when requesting information through our contact forms or checking the relevant box that implies accepting us sending information to you.

RECIPIENTS. It is not allowed to transfer the Personal Data to third parties, except the information expressly provided by Law.

RIGHTS. The Data subject may exercise the rights provided by the GDPR in relation to his/her Personal Data. Rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, data portability and refusal. The exercise of such rights may be performed by submitting the corresponding communication in writing to the Data Controller. Moreover, the Data subject has the right to remove the provided consent and to file complaints to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in its condition of Supervision Authority. If you need help to formalize such a request, we will provide you with a form to that effect.

SOURCE. All collected Data are provided by the Data subject through the contact form.

INFORMATION. All data will be processed according to this Privacy policy. If you do not agree with the policy, please do not send us your data. Remember that you can contact us via e-mail at info@divisan.com to request information about it without the need to send us Personal Data.

When you send us your Personal Data through the contact form, it is first necessary to accept this Privacy policy, and, to that end, you will have to tick the “I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the Privacy policy” checkbox. Our system will not allow you to send the form unless the policy is previously accepted.

By completing our contact form, you are providing us with your name, telephone number and e-mail address, which are Personal Data according to the applicable laws and regulations. To that end, you expressly authorize us to collect and process the Data under the conditions described herein. This information will only be used to perform the purposes included in this consent.

All Users will take responsibility, in any case, of the veracity of the provided data and will be responsible to communicate any modifications of the same, holding DIVISAN S.A harmless from any liability derived thereof or whatsoever.

We warn the Users about the fact that, except in the cases of legally constituted representations, the Users may not use the identity of another person when communicating their Personal Data, so the User must be aware at all times that he/she may only include Personal Data that correspond to his/her own identity which are appropriate, pertinent, up to date, accurate and true. To that effect, the User will be the sole responsible for any damages, direct and/or indirect, caused to third parties or to DIVISAN , S.A due to the use of another person’s Personal Data, or due to his/her own Personal Data being false, erroneous, not current, inappropriate or inaccurate. Moreover, those Users that use a third party’s Personal Data will be held accountable for the information obligation established in the Article 5.4 of the Spanish Protection Data Law (LOPD) regarding the case when the Personal Data have not been collected by the individual and/or the consequences of not having informed the subject.

It is forbidden for individuals under 18 years old to use the website; in the case that the User is under 18 years old, he/she may only provide his/her Personal Data in the forms to collect such Data with the previous consent from the parents or legal guardians, by sending the corresponding form duly signed by the parents or legal guardians via certified mail, and including a copy of the Identification Document of the signatory parent or legal guardian to the following address:  info@divisan.com

DIVISAN , S.A will not accept any liability or be held accountable for Data from underaged individuals that, maybe without knowing this fact, are provided without the consent of the parents or legal guardians, and will not be responsible for his/her actions, being at all times the own underaged individual, his/her parents or his/her legal guardians the ones accountable for the legal consequences, including expenses, that may be incurred.

If any information provided by the User is false or inaccurate, DIVISAN , S.A reserves the right to cancel the User’s subscription and terminate the User’s rights to use the Service.

All Personal Data will be logged in a register owned by DIVISAN , S.A, which we maintain at the General Data Protection Register. All Personal Data will be mainly processed using automatized means, subject to the appropriate security controls and measures, which shall avoid, to the fullest extent possible, unauthorized access, information loss and data corruption.

We have servers in place which provide enough capacity to maintain the data with full guarantee of security, integrity and availability. As the Data holder, you may exercise your rights by contacting us at the e-mail address info@divisan.com, stating in the subject the right you wish to exercise.

When we send marketing communications to those Users of our website that have submitted the contact form, we will clearly include in the communication the instructions on how to reject this consent. All marketing or advertising communications may be canceled by the user at any time following a procedure that will always be simple and free, either sending an e-mail requesting the subscription cancelation or clicking on a subscription cancelation link. For any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us or access this privacy policy again in our website.

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