DIVISAN. Glass container distribution.

Glass containers for pharmacy, food and cosmetics.

3 glass amber bottles.

Divisan distributes all kinds of glass containers for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, along with all the necessary accesories such as tops, caps, stoppers, droppers, dosage applicators, etc.

Divisan Pharmacy

8 amber glass bottles in different sizes.

Our high quality standars allow us to provide many pharmaceutical labs. We can offer all kinds of recipients for the pharmaceutical industry.

Divisan Food

Amber glass pots.

We sell glass containers for food and drinks, with all the complements for packaging: metallic caps, tops, seals, etc.

Divisan Cosmetics

6 cobalt blue jars.

We offer a wide variety of jars, pots, etc. for the cosmetics industry.

Divisan Accesories

tapones y goteros de colores.

We sell all kinds of complemets for our containers, according to our customer´s necesities : tops, caps, droppers etc.

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